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(Garage Flooring - Modular)

Gladiator® Drain Tiles combine great looking design with awesome functionality. The open grates of the flow-through tiles allow instant access to floor drains while the tab and loop system works seamlessly with the floor tiles.

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Surface covered 0.371 m²
Finish Black
Material Polypropylene
Additional information • Easy to Clean - To clean drain tiles, just hose them down
• Part of a System - Drain tiles are designed to work with the floor tiles and trim to make a complete flooring package
• Durable - Rated to hold 250 lbs per square inch, drain tiles won't chip or crack
• Chemical Resistance - Drain tiles are tested to resist common garage chemicals such as: gas, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, lacquer thinner and herbicides.
Width 12 inch(es) / 30.48 cm
Height 0.5 inch(es) / 1.27 cm
Depth 12 inch(es) / 30.48 cm
Warranty Ten Year Limited Warranty
UPC# 049694900524

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