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Storage needs in the garage are always changing, and Gladiator® GarageWorks has solved this problem by building flexibility into every product. The Gladiator® Wall Solutions Pack is your solution for those ever-changing organizational needs. Eight pieces of 32" GearTrack® Channels gives you over 21 feel of wall storage space. The Premier 24" Wall GearBox and assortment of hooks and bins helps get your gear off the floor and out of the way, transforming a cluttered garage into an organized garage.

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Features Pack includes: (1) Premier 24 in. Wall GearBox, (8) 32 in. GearTrack® Channels, (2) Deep Hooks, (2) Tool Hooks, (1) Big Hook, (1) Utility Hook, (1) Dual Hook, (1) Cradle Hook, (1) Scoop Hook, (4) J Hooks, (4) L Hooks, (6) Small Item Bins, (10) GearTrack® End Caps, (56) Color Match Screws. Heavy-duty welded steel construction of the Premier 24" Wall GearBox - The 24 in. high x 24 in. wide x 12 in. deep welded steel cabinet construction allows for exceptional cabinet structure and perfect support for storage needs.
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty
UPC# 050049015497

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