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Round Bread Cloche
(Smoker Accessories - Pots and pans)

The Fornetto bread cloche is designed for baking bread in the oven. It is an appealing alternative to a traditional bread oven. People have been using cloches in cooking and baking for centuries. The Romans, for example, buried cloches full of meat and fish in their campfires to roast their food, and cloches have been used in Northern Africa for things like the tagine. To use a bread cloche, bakers preheat it in the oven, lift the lid, place the bread dough on the base, replace the hot lid and bake the dough as they would normally. By baking inside the cloche rather than in the oven itself, the bread cooks differently, developing a crispier, golden crust while providing a chewy, moist interior. Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, the Fornetto bread cloche is a perfect product for artisan bread makers. Bring the magic of bread making to your Fornetto oven or any traditional gas and electric ovens

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Features • Diameter:310mm / 12.2"
• Height:185mm / 7.28" (Including the handle)
Compatibility Fornetto oven or any traditional gas and electric ovens

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