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(Garage Accessories - Basket & bin)

The Small-Item Bins are designed to organize small items (such as nails and screws) and hang securely on both GearWall® Panels & GearTrack® Channels. The wide feet provide a steady base for the bins to be located at any job site and combined with the locking tabs provide a secure connection allowing the bins to be stacked on the Modular Workbench or placed inside a GearBox. The large opening on the front provides easy access so users may easily recover any item stored in the bin. Finally, the bins come with 10 stick-on labels for quick identification of the items stored in the bins.

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Features Easy Repositioning - Can be easily hung and repositioned on Gladiator® Wall Systems when storage needs change without the use of tools. Open Front - The sizable opening in the front of the bin allows easy access to the items stored inside whether the bins are stacked or hanging individually. Ten Stick-On Labels - Comes with adhesive labels to provide ability to easily organize and identify the items stored in the bins.
Width 4.5 inch(es) / 11.43 cm
Height 4 inch(es) / 10.16 cm
Depth 7 inch(es) / 17.78 cm
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty
UPC# 883049023212

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