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$ 898.00

WTW4800BQ, WED4800BQ

Whirlpool top-load washer and dryer, laundry pair. Enjoy exceptional cleaning and efficiency with a washer that combines the best of both worlds. This Whirlpool top-load washer not only helps reduce shrinking and color bleeding with the Care Control temperature management system, but it also saves energy by using the right temperature for detergent. Try customizing cleaning with the Fabric Sense™ wash system. It makes sure you always have the right temperature, cycle time and agitation speed, while a smooth motion agitator takes care of bringing laundry to the bottom of the wash basket where cleaning takes place. Dry large loads from your traditional top-load washer with ease with the 7.0 cu. ft. Whirlpool® dryer. Even items like comforters and sleeping bags won't be a problem for this large-capacity model. Thanks to features like the normal cycle, you'll be able to take care of everyday items like work clothes and sheets without the worry of wrinkles. The Wrinkle Shield™ option helps keep wrinkles from setting into your clean clothes with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. And with the end-of-cycle signal, you'll always know exactly when that is. With this helpful tone, you'll never have to worry about leaving a finished load of laundry in the dryer.

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